National Dentex Now Marketing Integrity

Dec. 13, 2001
The largest operator of dental laboratories in the United States is making integrity a marketable commodity and betting it will be a hot one.

To flourish in the dynamic realm of dental technology, today's laboratories must distinguish themselves from their many competitors. For NDX laboratories, this difference lies in providing inimitable service, superior quality and prompt delivery - every time they deliver a case. It's an ambitious aspiration but one that's possible. Enter the NDX Reliance� Program, essentially a "road map" for fulfilling these goals. Committed to helping its laboratories continue to grow, National Dentex will introduce the program in September to offer dentists lasting alliances built on trust and open communication.

These alliances will promote a higher level of excellence in dentistry, ensuring the best patient care possible. The NDX Reliance Program can be broken down into five components: Reliance Practice Support, Reliance Laboratory Systems, Reliance Quality Assurance, Reliance Restorations and a Reliance Continuing Education Series. Collectively, the program gives qualified NDX Reliance laboratories the tools they need to provide unequaled service and products that far exceed expectations. Because laboratories that excel are laboratories that prosper.

* Reliance Practice Support is designed to reduce remakes and chairside adjustments with the help of the ChairTime Saver System�, provide expert technical support with both in-laboratory and in-office consultations and supply patient-education materials and case-presentation models to help dentists increase patient acceptance.

* Reliance Laboratory Systems help articulate what enables a dental lab to provide high quality, timely and reliable service. This component introduces computerized systems for use in scheduling cases, tracking their progress and periodically reviewing each doctor's preferences.

* Reliance Quality Assurance tackles the evaluative component that sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day shuffle, giving qualified NDX Reliance laboratories the means to constantly assess and improve their fabrication processes. By establishing clearly defined quality standards and breaking each procedure into critical steps, the program helps identify training needs as well.

* Reliance Restorations include porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, dentures, partials, implants and cosmetic restorations, as well as two proprietary products, Rely-a-Temps� and Thermo-Guard�. From laminate veneers to full-mouth reconstructions, qualified NDX Reliance laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art materials and equipment needed to put their considerable expertise to work.

* Reliance Continuing Education Series keeps abreast of the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of dental technology. Qualified NDX Reliance laboratories sponsor clinics that are approved for CEU credit and led by industry leaders. The program also offers Knowledge Based Relationships�, an NDX Reliance Restorative System developed to increase profits by facilitating communication between dentists, their staff members and the laboratory technicians they count on.

Founded in 1982, National Dentex Corp. serves more than 14,000 dentists through its 31 full-service dental laboratories in 26 states. By building on its laboratories' capabilities, using computer technology to improve customer service to dentists, emphasizing operating efficiencies and commitment to products of the highest caliber and implementing innovative marketing programs, the company offers unparalleled benefits to its laboratories and the dentists they serve.

National Dentex Corp. is publicly traded on NASDAQ as NADX. For more information on the NDX Reliance Program, please contact Amy at (866) RELILAB, (866) 735-4522, or