ALSIP, Illinois--GC America has launched a three-product family for restorative dentistry.

GC America debuts G-ænial

Jan. 5, 2011
G-ænial family now available.

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The use of flowable composites in the past required the dental professional to make sacrifices in strength and esthetics in order to get the easy handling they loved. That is no longer the case.

G-ænial Universal Flo is a nano-hybrid, light-cured composite that has the easy handling of a low-flow (high viscosity) flowable. Advancements in filler technology led to a new of silanation process that results in a product that is 69% (by weight) filled with 200 nm homogeneously dispersed particles.

Tests have shown G-ænial Universal Flo is stronger, and has better wear resistance than leading flowable and conventional composites It also has thixotropic attributes that allow the material to have easy handling and placement.

In addition, the flowable finishes and maintains its gloss. Suitable for use in Class I, II, III, IV, and V restorations, it is available in 15 shades.

G-ænial Flo is a low-viscosity version of G-ænial Universal Flo. It has many of the same characteristics (high flexural strength, high gloss), in a more highly flowable version.

G-ænial Bond is a 7th Generation, one-step self-etching bonding agent that builds upon the history of bonding materials from GC America. This product was designed specifically for the “selective etching” technique.

This means that bond strengths will be enhanced no matter what technique (self-etch on dentin or etch-and-rinse on enamel) the professional uses. With improved shear bond strength to dentin and enamel, this is a choice for bonding needs.

Used together or separately, these three new products provide a comprehensive system to the dental professional.

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