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Zimmer tapered abutments

Dec. 20, 2011
Line extension provides clinicians with the flexibility to place implants off-axis and choose from multiple surgical protocols.
Zimmer Dental, a provider of dental oral rehabilitation products and a subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings, has announced availability of the Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment.The line extension provides clinicians with the flexibility to place implants off-axis (i.e., tilted) and choose from multiple surgical protocols. This includes immediate load, screw-retained restorations to best meet the specific restorative needs of patients. Available in 15- and 30-degree angle configurations, the Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment promotes angulation correction for off-axis implant placement, repositioning the restorative platform to facilitate insertion of the prosthesis. The abutment’s 1.2-mm low-profile cone is intended for use in cases with limited interocclusal space while the cone’s 15-degree taper allows for additional angulation correction. The ability to place implants off-axis aids in helping maximize the use of available bone, avoiding the alveolar nerve and sinus, and helping minimize the cantilevers for the prosthesis in multi-unit, partially, and fully edentulous screw-retained restorations. The user-friendly Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment’s multiple cuff heights enable the clinician to select the size that best meets the patients’ soft tissue measurements. Furthermore, this new abutment has exhibited strength and durability in testing compared to other popular brands. It is compatible with Zimmer Dental’s existing restorative components and the Tapered Screw-Vent Implant System, for greater convenience. Zimmer CurV helps redefine ridge augmentation“These new Angled Tapered Abutments broaden our restorative portfolio and give clinicians even more flexibility in choosing surgical protocols to best meet the needs of their patients, restore their mouth function, and enhance their quality of life,” said Harold C. Flynn Jr., Zimmer Dental president. “At the end of the day, our focus, first and foremost, is on giving our customers the tools they need to improve their patients’ lives.” For more information, call (800) 854-7019, (760) 929-4300, or visit comment on this product, go to available from company upon request.