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Heraeus Venus bulk fill

April 20, 2011
Optimized mechanical properties help reduce shrinkage stress.
SOUTH BEND, Indiana--For more than a decade, achieving low-shrink has been the Holy Grail in posterior adhesive dentistry. To read more about Heraeus, go to Heraeus.Ask Dr. Amanda Canto, DDS, an international educator in esthetic dentistry with a private practice in Houston, Texas: “Of all the different composite choices, from macrofill to nanohybrid, nothing has garnered more excitement than the promise of low-shrink."Dentists agree that low-shrink composite material is critical to long-term clinical results. But in the past, a lower-shrink material did not necessarily offer a "low-shrinkage stress value."In fact, the use of a low-shrink, higher-stress building composite could be just as harmful to the tooth as placing an older composite material using a bulk-placement technique, explains Dr. Canto. That is why she and a multitude of colleagues have embraced the introduction of Venus Bulk Fill by Heraeus in 2010. The arrival of Venus Bulk Fill ushered in a new class of composites that were designed to reduce shrinkage stress. With its optimized mechanical properties, Venus Bulk Fill has made posterior adhesive dentistry easier, safer to use, and more appealing to the masses of dentists concerned about placement methodology and long-term efficacy. “Venus Bulk Fill base/liner flowable composite material allows for fast, simple, and safe clinical application of composite in a posterior restorative situation,” said Canto. Now, there is even more great news on the horizon for Dr. Canto and dental colleagues who seek greater efficiencies in posterior solutions. Heraeus has announced that Venus Bulk Fill will be available in syringes. The precise syringe delivery of Venus Bulk Fill will provide dentists with even greater advantages: an easier, faster restorative solution that is more cost-effective per restoration than the traditional incremental layering technique. The inherent value of the system is that it was designed with the dentist in mind. “Venus Bulk Fill combines very low shrinkage stress with high curing depth and excellent radiopacity,” said Jennifer Kalinowski, senior product manager for Heraeus. The dentist benefits twice: He or she saves time and money while achieving a sound and stable restorationFor more information, visit or call (877) 258-5937.To comment on this product, go to