Does Doctor really know best?

Sept. 26, 2012
Dr. David Traub, creator of the app, discusses whether or not "doctor knows best."

How many dentists have experienced the “doctor knows best” scenario? That is, when discussing the options for smile design the patient responds with “You’re the doctor, you should know best.” In reality dentists can determine quite a bit from anatomy and phonetics. But there is no way they can determine what details of shape and smile line character the patient may prefer without them somehow communicating that to us.

Communication improves immensely with a new app designed by Dr. David Traub called, which allows dentists to design a smile on the screen right in front of patients. The app takes smile guides to a whole new level, making it quick and easy to incorporate patients' visions into their ideal smile designs. Simply touch the screen to change incisal edge shapes and smile line contour. Watch the teeth morph in front of your eyes.

To read about how Dr. Traub recently used the app to help him create a new smile for a patient who "wasn't sure what she wanted," go to doctor knows best.