Heraeus impression material named a Clinical Problem Solver

July 31, 2012
Flexitime lauded for reliability when multiple pours of an impression are needed.  

SOUTH BEND, Indiana—Heraeus Kulzer, a leader in dental esthetics, has announced that Flexitime impression material has been designated a “Clinical Problem Solver” by THE DENTAL ADVISOR journal.

Dentists and their staff face daily challenges with materials and equipment when treating patients. Most teams have identified “go to” products that can solve a clinical problem and save time, headaches and costs.

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Each year, the July/August issue of THE DENTAL ADVISOR reports on those products that its 11 contributing editors have designated “Clinical Problem Solvers” by virtue of being the products they reach for in the toughest clinical situations.

The article quotes Contributing Editor Jim Olsen, DDS, as saying, “When I have large restorative cases, I often need to make multiple pours of an impression to get several study models. Finding a material that holds up well without tears or distortion is the challenge on these cases.”

Dr. Olsen has found that Flexitime is an impression material for multiple pours of study models.

“It has great detail so it can be used for a working model as well," he said. "I find the combination of the heavy body and light body materials is ideal for quadrant trays on single unit cases as well.”

Dr. Olsen also likes to use the heavy body as a preop bite registration material for multiple unit cases, or in situations where he needs to prepare a second molar.

“Sequential relines using light body in the preop bite registration are easy, predictable, and accurate,” he wrote.

“I will also use the Monophase material for a bite registration when I’m creating an appliance for my TMJ patients, when I need a material that will easily let the patient be guided into the desired bite position.

Flexitime impression material is designed to put the clinician in control in a situation while delivering an accurate marginal fit. It can take as little as 30 seconds of working time for routine cases, or 2.5 minutes for more complex cases.

The Flexitime product line includes:

• Flexitime regular set VPS (vinylpolysiloxane)
• Flexitime Xtreme fast-setting VPS
• Flexitime Bite standard bite registration material
• Flexitime Dynamix speed automatic mixing machine

Flexitime’s impression materials, which come in six different viscosities and cover al range of indications, offer clinicians precision and flexibility.

For more information, visiit www.heraeusdentalusa.com.

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