Heraeus launches Venus Pearl composite

June 5, 2012
New nano hybrid composite with a creamy consistency delivers sculptability and polishability.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana—Heraeus Kulzer, a leader in dental esthetics, has announced launch of a new light curing, radio-opaque nano hybrid composite.Venus Pearl is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth-colored restorations in the anterior and posterior regions. Due to its soft consistency, this new universal composite delivers handling while still providing minimal shrinkage stress and high flexural strength.

Venus Pearl is available on the market as predosed capsules (preloaded tip, PLT) or syringe in five different package options. It becomes the latest addition to Heraeus’ Venus family of composite materials, including the flagship Venus Diamond line. Related information, click here.

The soft yet nonsticky consistency of Venus Pearl helps facilitate stress-free handling for detailed cases that require excellent sculptability and extended working time. Ultrafine-ground filling particles promote a long-lasting, natural-looking, high-luster polish. As with Venus Diamond, Venus Pearl achieves color adaptation when used with either a single-layer or multi-layer technique.

Prior to launching Venus Pearl, Heraeus subjected the product to an extensive field test involving dentists from a number of European countries, as well as the United States. The positive response from the evaluators confirmed that Venus Pearl delivers handling in a practice environment. In fact, 92.3% of respondents thought the consistency was the same as or better than their current composite, and nine out of 10 indicated they would use Venus Pearl in their office.

With the softer Venus Pearl joining the firmer Venus Diamond in Heraeus’ product portfolio, the company offers dental professionals a choice of two esthetic composites with mechanical properties that can be used according to personal preferences as well as indications.

Both composites use Heraeus’ patented monomer matrix and the nano hybrid filler system. The proven and well-received formula combines minimal shrinkage stress and high flexural strength. These benefits are key in protecting against secondary caries and fracture, which are the main reasons composite fillings fail. By helping optimize the filler system to effect a softer consistency, the physical structure of Venus Pearl is intended for cases that require greater malleability, such as those involving the anterior.

Due to the fine alignment of the refraction index of the fillers and the matrix, the Venus Pearl composite filling takes on the color of the surrounding hard tooth substance following polymerization to provide a natural look. A broad color spectrum with 26 different shades and three levels of translucency results in virtually undetectable restorative margins. The Venus Family Shade Guide and the Venus Pearl Layering Guide aid in esthetic outcomes, both for single-shade and multiple-shade layer techniques.

Due to its material properties, Venus Pearl can be used in numerous applications. It is suitable for direct (Class I-V) and indirect restorations, esthetic corrections, splinting of loosened teeth, restoration of primary teeth, repairs of ceramic and composite restorations, direct composite veneers, and core build-ups. It is compatible with common bonding systems.

For more information, call (800) 431-1785 or visit www.heraeusdentalusa.com.