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SensAble Dental Lab, Germany

Sept. 16, 2010
Company also adds German partners to help accelerate growth.
WOBURN, Massachusetts--SensAble Technologies, a provider of dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, 3D modeling software and haptic devices, has announced the appointment of Antonius Koester, GmbH & Co, KG as its first dental reseller in Germany and R+K CAD/CAM Technologie, GmbH & Co., KG, as the first German Authorized Production Center partner. Together, they will help SensAble expand its dental lab presence in the German-speaking regions of Europe through the sales, support and services associated with the award-winning SensAble Dental Lab System and its new modular configurations. Antonius Koester, an acknowledged CAD/CAM expert, and his staff have provided solutions to SensAble’s industrial CAD/CAM customers for 10 years, including some of the world’s leading artificial tooth manufacturers, maxillofacial implant designers and developers of orthodontic aligners. The Meschede-based company will now provide the same level of workflow design, system integration, and support to dental labs with SensAble’s new modular family of dental lab products. Designed expressly for the needs of the European dental lab market, the modular SensAble Dental Lab System’s standard file formats allow labs to take advantage of existing scanners and fabrication technologies they may already own. Turnkey systems, including components from scanning to fabrication, are also available. R+K CAD/CAM Technologie of Berlin, one of the largest and most experienced dental labs in Germany, will offer scan, design and fabrication services to other dental labs who wish to outsource some, or all, restoration fabrication. Founded by two partners with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of dental restorations, R+K offers dental milling services and 3D resin printing, and specializes in open software interfaces to support its efficient operation. SensAble Authorized Production Centers can help guarantee the fit of restorations made using authorized design configurations of the SensAble Dental Lab System, and help maintain quality and turnaround standards in accordance with SensAble’s SAPC program. These two new partners in Germany will accelerate SensAble’s reach into Europe, one of the fastest growing segments of the worldwide dental lab market, which is projected to grow to $14.5 billion by 20151. As aging Baby Boomers need more dental work, dental labs are adopting digital technologies for greater productivity and consistency, and to improve margins on multiple types of restorations. While traditional lost-wax methods of designing and producing restorations are still being used, the transition to digital is proceeding at an ever-quickening pace as labs and their doctors see that digital solutions provide more precise and accurately-fitting restorations in less time – a savings for labs, doctors, and patients. “German dental technicians demand the best, and they will find it in SensAble,” said Antonius Koester. “SensAble’s new modular products are a great fit for the European dental lab market because they offer many choices and allow labs to leverage their previous investments in CAD/CAM-related equipment. This is an open system, which means labs will not be locked into proprietary systems. Most importantly, the system is infinitely flexible, so that any restoration a lab needs to create can be done on it. I am very excited to be representing this product.” “Dental restorations are expected to be of the same high quality as other devices,” said Andreas Klar, managing director of R+K CAD/CAM Technologie. “We are highly impressed with the capabilities of SensAble’s dental lab solutions, and with the company’s commitment to finding total solutions for its customers and standing behind its product. We are eager to join forces with Antonius Koester in providing the full complement of production services-- scanning, design, 3D printing and milling--to help dental labs both large and small reap the benefits of working digitally.” SensAble Technologies offers a lab-proven digital solution for the production of partials and crown and bridge restorations. The new modular solutions from SensAble will also include the company’s 3D “Virtual Touch” stylus, which allows technicians to digitally design multiple restoration types with speed and precision while keeping the artistry and manual dexterity they have spent years perfecting. In a SensAble system, technicians hold a “haptic” (force feedback) device instead of a computer mouse. They use virtual wax-up tools to literally “feel” the on-screen model as they apply, smooth and carve “digital wax.” This touch-enabled approach mimics the traditional method of hand modeling dental restorations, yet adds the consistency, precision, and repeatability of a digital system. "Through our partnerships with Antonius Koester and R+K, we'll provide a new level of product and services tailored specifically to meet the needs of this technically advanced, world-class dental market,” said Bob Steingart, president of SensAble Dental. “We look forward to great success in Germany.” For more information, go to read more about SensAble, go to SensAble.

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