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KOMET's Kit 4432 available for milling zirconia

June 15, 2010
Kit contains four ZR-Diamonds.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina--Four KOMET ZR-Diamonds are now available in a kit designed specifically to recontour and mill zirconia restorations. Kit 4432 contains four ZR-Diamonds (medium, fine, extra fine, and ultra fine grits) for grinding Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) primary crowns. Due to its high resistance, Zirconia is not easy to work on. Although the main cutting and grinding in the lab is carried out by a CAD/CAM system, manual reworking by technicians is often still necessary to achieve results. ZR-Diamonds are a tool for technicians who work with zirconia to help achieve optimal results in less time and with less effort. The tapered chamfer ZR-Diamonds are used in the milling device with a laboratory turbine with spray cooling. Achieving an optimal surface of the zirconia primary crown is of particular importance for functioning of the double crown. This is why the kit contains four ZR-Diamonds in complementary grit sizes to create a high-shine surface on primary crowns. For more information about KOMET USA or Kit 4432, call (888) 566-3887 or visit read more about KOMET USA, go to KOMET USA.To comment on this product, go to