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Opalite All-Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

June 2, 2010
Opalite is an alternative to metal occlusion or full-cast posterior restorations.
SPOKANE, Washington--Offer your patients an esthetic alternative to metal occlusion or full-cast posterior restorations with new Opalite All-Zirconia crowns and bridges, exclusively from Aurum Ceramic.Created from monolithic, solid medical grade Zirconia, each Opalite restoration is hard-sintered to reach afinal flexural strength of 1,100 MPa, more than enough to meet posterior high-load demands. Virtually unbreakable, Opalite is intended for those tight, minimal-clearance situations in which there is not enough occlusal preparation space for porcelain coverage. As little as 0.5 mm occlusal reduction (although 1.0 mm is ideal) is required. This is less than standard PFM or layered zirconia/porcelain restorations. Utilize a traditional, conservative cast gold preparation, feather edge margins, and conventional cementation. Each restoration is CAD/CAM-milled for contacts, fit, and seating.Opalite is also an alternative for severe bruxers and grinders who still want an esthetic posterior restoration. Glazed to a smooth, plaque-resistant surface, Opalite’s translucent zirconia and range of shade options makes it a posterior esthetic choice.Contact an Aurum Ceramic dental laboratory location or call (800) 423-6509 to learn more about Opalite All-Zirconia crowns and bridges.For more information, go to

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