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3M ESPE Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable

Oct. 20, 2010
New 3M ESPE Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Restorative is easy to use for multiple indications.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE has expanded the Filtek Supreme line of restorative options with the introduction of Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Restorative.The restoratiave is a flowable companion to the Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative. Indicated for nine different uses, Filtek Supreme Ultra flowable restorative is a versatile and efficient solution for the multiple restorative situations dentists encounter. Whether dentists use a flowable by itself or with a composite material, the product brings simplicity and performance to its multiple indications. With availability in a convenient, new unit-dose capsule delivery system—something few competitors offer—as well as the original syringe option, Filtek Supreme Ultra flowable restorative gives dentists flexibility for more indications. The product delivers the same nanotechnology found in Filtek Supreme Ultra universal restorative, giving it esthetics, low wear, and polish retention. In addition, it offers fluorescence, which combined with its other attributes, makes it easy to create natural-looking restorations. A user-friendly feature of the product is its flow-on-demand handling. It becomes more liquid when extruded, and holds its shape once in place. In an evaluation, dentists rated it as better than a leading competitor in cavity adaptation, holding its shape and lack of stickiness. Additionally, shrinkage has been reduced by almost 20%, giving Filtek Supreme Ultra flowable restorative lower shrinkage than leading competitors. “Filtek Supreme Ultra flowable restorative helps dentists simplify their restorative procedures by providing superb handling and esthetic properties,” said Rob Gochoel, U.S. restoratives marketing manager. “With so many different uses, it is virtually indispensable in the dental office.”For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.To read more about 3M ESPE, go to 3M ESPE.To comment on this product, go to