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July 30, 2010
COMPO-DOTS provides one-step polishing of composite restorations.
Dental Ventures of America has introduced a new concept product for one-step polishing of composite restorations. COMPO-DOTS represent a new formula abrasive polishing paste supplied in single-use particles. After use to polish restorations on an individual patient, the unused portion of the small unit of polish is discarded. This helps simplify cross-contamination procedures. COMPO-DOTS is a formula alteration of a product that was selected as “one of the top 25 new products for 2008,” and is reported to quickly impart a high-lustrous polish on composite and porcelain materials. The Compo-Dots formula is water-soluble and easy to remove from the polished element. Compo-Dots is packaged with 60 individual application "dots" in a jar. Samples are available upon request at no charge by calling (800) 228-6696.For more information, go to read more about Dental Ventures of America, go to Dental Ventures of America.To comment on this product, go to