MedPerform releases educational demo

March 6, 2008
Valerie Veneer impacts patients.

CHICAGO--MedPerform Dental Laboratories has introduced Valerie Veneer, a demo that allows patients to immediately see the significant impact a few veneers will have on the beauty of a smile.

Patients are entertained by a hands-on demonstration of how veneers work, by using a simulated dental instrument to pick up lifelike veneers and place them on the model's ("Valerie's") problem teeth.

The Valerie Veneer Demo is simple to understand, but challenging enough to be engaging. Patients who adjust Valerie Veneer's smile are likely to ask their dentists if veneers are appropriate for them. What's more, the demo does not take time from a dentist's busy day.

All MedPerform clients are eligible to receive this free educational tool. MedPerform helps its clients grow their practices by providing restorations at affordable prices.

For more information about Valerie Veneer or MedPerform Dental Labs, contact Falan Austin at (888) 808-3384 or visit MedPerform Dental Labs.

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