College of Dentistry completes clinical evaluation of E4D Dentist System

Sept. 23, 2008
New York University College of Dentistry reports results of its evaluation of the E4D Dentist system.

DALLAS--Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at the New York University College of Dentistry has reported the results of its evaluation of the E4D Dentist system.

One aspect of the study was an observational, clinical evaluation of the initial quality of the restorations produced by the E4D Dentist system. In all, 100% of the IPS Empress restorations created chairside and seated by the participating NYU clinicians were found to be clinically acceptable by an independent examiner.

Additionally, two NYU clinicians ranked the E4D Dentist system compared to the CEREC 3D system relative to overall merits, user friendliness, and operational effectiveness. One clinician was an experienced CEREC operator and the other had no CAD/CAM experience.

Both clinicians found the E4D Dentist system to be easy to learn. Preparations were scanned and restorations designed, finished and seated in an average of less than 45 minutes for truly Same Day Dentistry.

"We are excited to be able to share the results of this independent study," said Dr. Gary Severance, vice president of clinical affairs at D4D Technologies, manufacturer off the E4D Dentist System.

"When Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD, reported to us that all investigators involved in the study were pleased with the mechanical system, software, and final product, it validated what we are experiencing with the clinicians who have been using the E4D Dentist System since market launch," he added.

A summary of the evaluation is available at the company's Web site at D4D Technologies.

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