3M ESPE announces new authentication program

April 7, 2008
Dentists can authenticate Lava zirconia restorations using security technology.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE has announced a new program designed to allow dentists and labs to verify the authenticity of genuine Lava Zirconia restorations.

Through the introduction of a new Lava barcode label, coupled with security film technology, dentists can ensure they're receiving authentic Lava zirconia in their restorations.

Through the program, bar-coded labels, with proprietary 3M film, are provided to Authorized Lava Milling Centers. ALMCs provide a set of labels to labs who order Lava copings. The lab keeps one for their records, and sends the other label to the prescribing dentist. Dentists can visit the 3M ESPE Web site and through the serial number, can confirm that the Lava restoration they received is authentic.

If the dentist has prescribed Lava zirconia and does not receive an authentication label with the finished case, the dentist should contact their lab. If the dentist is authenticating their label on the Web site and receives a message that it cannot be authenticated, the dentist can call the 800 number listed on the web site for assistance.

"Now more than ever it's important that 3M ESPE be able to provide assurance to dentists, dental labs and patients that they receive the Lava zirconia that was prescribed. The authentication program is one more way that we deliver on our brand promise and help protect our dental industry partners and patients," said Angie Hadrits, marketing manager, 3M ESPE.

3M ESPE began working on the authentication program in 2007 in combination with the 3M Security Systems Division and Verify Brand, Inc., a Minneapolis-based company that provides brand protection solutions through the use of secure product serialization and real time, web-based product authentication.

The program is the most recent initiative created by 3M ESPE to ensure the authenticity of Lava zirconia. 3M ESPE was able to utilize technologies and resources through 3M SSD, tapping into its expertise on brand protection and product security when designing the program.

"This new program allows our lab clients and their dentist clients the opportunity to know with certainty that when they prescribe Lava, they are indeed receiving genuine Lava zirconia. The feedback we have received from our customers on the new authentication program has been overwhelmingly positive," said Debra Williams, vice president, Techsource Dental. "It gives us confidence in the materials we rely on and the quality of care we provide to patients."

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