Kit for ceramic veneer preparation available

Nov. 6, 2007
Kit is recommended for use on labial and palatal veneers.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--The popularity of ceramic veneers continues to grow in the United States because of its excellent esthetic properties.

An important precondition for successful placement is conservative tooth structure preparation. KOMET USA bur kit, Ceramic Veneer (Kit 4517), assists with proper tooth preparation.

In cooperation with Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers, a private lecturer in Germany, KOMET USA developed Kit 4517 with innovative depth markers allowing the safe control of depth penetration. The kit is recommended for use on labial and palatal veneers.

Labial veneers
Labial orientation grooves are created using depth markers (868B.314.018/020) starting at the cervical third of the labial surface. The working element's narrow diamond-coated parts allow for the easy creation of orientation grooves without excessive heat generation.

The remaining bridges between orientation grooves can be leveled with the tapered diamond abrasive (868.314.016). This step is further facilitated by the congruent shape of the depth marker and the abrasive instrument. The kit also includes a diamond-finishing instrument (8868.314.016), which matches the shape of the diamond instrument.

This allows a gentle and conservative surface leveling. The kit also comes with a smaller diameter (8868.314.012) for shaping proximal preparations as well as smaller anterior teeth.

Palatal veneers
Sometimes it is necessary to rebuild excessively worn canine tips. The kit's egg-shaped abrasive instrument (379.314.023), with its elliptic tip, is suitable for creating a gentle circular chamfer. The egg-shaped diamond finishing instrument (8379.314.023) allows a smooth preparation, especially in transitional areas of the incisal border.

The finishing instrument's elliptic tip allows for the creation of a shallow groove in the center of the palatal surface as a positioning aid during insertion.

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