Product given special designation

Nov. 9, 2007
More than 400 CRA evaluating dental teams listed CEREC as a "can't live without" product that they depend on routinely.

LONG ISLAND, New York--Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., a global manufacturers of high-technology dental equipment, has announced the selection of CEREC as a CRA "can't live without" product.

All dental clinicians have a few products they depend on routinely that make practice easier, faster, better & more enjoyable. More than 400 CRA evaluating dental teams were asked to list "products they can't live without".

The September 2007 CRA Newsletter identified the 11 products most frequently listed. CEREC, an in-office CAD/CAM system that fabricates ceramic restorations, was listed Number 7. With only about 10 percent of general dentists using CEREC, this is a considerable accomplishment.

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