CEREC technology integrated into C8+ treatment center

Feb. 22, 2007
Innovation combines the clinical benefits of the CEREC system with the flexibility, control, and ergonomics of the C8+.

LONG ISLAND CITY, New York--Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-technology dental equipment, has announced the availability of its CEREC Chairline innovation.

The center is designed to integrate the award-winning CEREC technology directly into the C8+ Treatment Center.

By incorporating CEREC technology into its C8+ Treatment Center, Sirona combines the clinical benefits of the CEREC system with the flexibility, control, and ergonomics of the C8+. This brings all technology within practitioner reach, significantly increasing workflow and reducing patient chair time.

Benefits of CEREC Chairline include increased operatory space, superior ergonomics, greater control, and one-visit dentistry. Practitioners using CEREC Chairline no longer require a separate mobile CEREC unit.

Cables are seamlessly integrated within the C8+Treatment Center to reduce clutter in the operatory. With the ergonomic placement of the CEREC camera, the camera is always within reach and easily captures an optimal impression regardless of patient's position.

Doctors can acquire images comfortably in their usual treatment position by using the dual-function foot switch option on the C8+ foot control. CEREC enables users to treat patients with metal-free, tooth colored restorations created chairside in one appointment. All ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers can be produced with this CAD/CAM technology.

"When we use CEREC Chairline, everything is at our fingertips," said Dr. Andrew Koenigsburg, DDS, founder of Gallery 57 Dental in New York City. "We are not wheeling around a box with extension cords and batteries everywhere. After taking images, the restoration is instantly transferred to the lab, allowing us to treat other patients while the lab work is completed. This new system has increased our workflow considerably--all we have to do with the patient is prep, picture and cement."

Chairside workflow for CEREC Chairline includes image acquisition and restoration design using wireless technology incorporated within the system. The Chairline Acquisition Module can be moved for use in multiple Chairline compatible operatories.

This flexibility allows the practitioner to acquire CEREC images in multiple operatories, which can be networked to one centralized PC improving workflow, efficiency and restoration turn around time. Multiple operatories equipped with CEREC Chairline can be networked to one central PC which controls milling for all CEREC Chairline systems in the practice.

"CEREC Chairline is one of the most flexible and effective chairside solutions available in the industry today," said Andrew McIlveen, Marketing Manager, Treatment Centers for Sirona USA.

"We give practitioners significant options for configurations, networking, integration, and equipment, based on their specific needs and practice layout. The proven success of CEREC fueled the development of CEREC Chairline. Our goal was simple. We wanted to provide the CEREC technology right on the patient chair for increased efficiency and greater ergonomics."

"The porcelain inlay/onlay produced by CEREC is superior to the other choices that we have as clinicians," said Dr. Koenigsburg. "We chose to learn CEREC and make it a big part of our practice because we feel it is the best service we can provide for our patients. We strongly believe that CAD/CAM represents the future of restorative dentistry, and Sirona's equipment integrates everything into one simple solution."

For more information on CEREC Chairline and its various configurations and networking options, call Sirona at (800) 659-5977, or visit www.Sirona.com.