Monday Huddle: When the dentist is taking their sweet time 😵‍💫 #shorts

Oct. 17, 2022
So, is your dentist taking FOREVER to get to your exam room to see your hygiene patient? Dr. David Rice understands and wants to help you solve this issue.

Hey, hygiene friends! Ever feel like your dentist is taking their sweet time to do the exam? Do you feel ignored? Frustrated? Pressed for time? U P S E T?

ONE: Dare to share a moment below. 👇

TWO: Understand what might be happening. It could be: Office finances: are we doing OK? Equipment issues…it’s a thing. Patient stuff…the buck stops here. Life stuff—we have it too.

THREE: If you’re here, you’re a rare reader. Drop a “need help” comment so we know, and we’ll add real solutions on how we can work together and win! 

—Dr. David Rice, @ignite University

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