Coding with Kyle: Resin-based composites, anterior and posterior

June 8, 2023
This month, OM Kyle Summerford covers dental insurance codes related to resin-based composites.

The following codes are to be used when billing for the anterior.

D2330: resin-based composite, one surface anterior

D2331: resin-based composite, two surface anterior 

D2332: resin-based composite, three surface anterior

D2335: resin-based composite, four or more surfaces or involving incisal angle anterior

D2390: resin-based composite crown, anterior

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The following codes are to be used when billing for the posterior.

D2391: resin-based composite, one surface posterior

D2392: resin-based composite, two surface posterior

D2393: resin-based composite, three surface posterior

D2394: resin-based composite, four or more surfaces posterior

The codes above should be applied when the procedure involves decay or tooth fracture. Other possible reasons are listed below.

Dental insurance companies will refer to the patient’s plan limitations and exclusions when considering the dental claim. If performing for replacement restoration, explain the reason of necessity which should indicate presence of decay.

If reporting for a buildup, do not report composite restorations, report D2950.

If reporting for closure of an endodontic access hole, indicate this on the claim form/narrative.

Submitting the claim with x-rays is not enough to facilitate coverage and payment in some cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide a narrative explaining the necessity and prognosis.