Coding with Kyle: Periodic ortho treatment

July 14, 2023
This month, OM Kyle Summerford covers D8670, the code for periodic orthodontic treatment.
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director

D8670: Periodic orthodontic treatment visit

This code is used when billing for active orthodontic treatment visits.

Most insurance plans require you to bill monthly or on a quarterly basis to notify them of an orthodontic visit to ensure you get paid for your patient's visit. Payment received is not considered an additional payment and is part of the initial case fee approved by the patient’s dental insurance plan.

*If applicable, when submitting the dental claim for payment, be sure to include the pre-determination document identifier number which ties back to the initial approval for orthodontic treatment.

*Make sure box 40 of the ADA claim form is checked for orthodontics prior to submitting for payment.

*A narrative may be helpful indicating how many months of treatment is remaining, but may not be necessary.

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