A great opportunity for you to further your career ... and a chance for you to spill the beans

Aug. 24, 2011
Dental Assisting Digest™ Editor Kevin Henry tells readers about the Dental Assisting National Board's DALE Foundation and asks dental assistants to anonymously tell DAD about the best and worst things a dentist has ever said to them.

By Kevin Henry, Editor

I always love it when something comes along that will help dental assistants become more motivated and have more success. I believe the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) has created an entity that will accomplish those tasks and more.

I give a huge thumbs up and congratulations to DANB for the launch of the DALE Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization that offers interactive e-learning courses and study aids to help dental assistants, office managers, front desk personnel, and other dental professionals become more empowered in their profession and have more opportunities for learning. The DALE Foundation’s products supplement formal education and on-the-job-training. For example, dental assisting educators may be especially interested in the DALE Foundation’s review courses and study aids as a supplement for students preparing to take DANB exams. Directors of dental assisting programs may find that the DALE Foundation’s online courses on dental office management topics can help round out a dental assisting curriculum. The DALE Foundation courses lead to certificates of completion, which is very different from DANB's certification process. The learning opportunities are there for dental assistants to become an even more valuable part of their dental practice. I think that's great.

I was recently in Chicago and visited DANB's headquarters to talk to Cindy Durley, who serves as the executive director of DANB and also holds that same position with the DALE Foundation. I asked her some questions that I think will help you understand more about this new venture, and you can see our video interview by clicking here.

For more information, be sure you check out www.DALEFoundation.org. I think it's a great opportunity for growth, and I hope you take advantage of it.

I recently received a Google alert that linked me to an article from New Mexico where a dental assistant is suing her former employer (the dentist) for discrimination because of some of his comments to her on the job. You can read the article by clicking here. It reminded me of some of the other comments I've heard dentists make when they aren't having the best day (or they're simply not nice people). Of course, there are also plenty of times when the dentist is quick to give a pat on the back to the assistant for a job well done. Those are the times we all love to hear about.

With those complete opposites in mind, I would like to know what is the best and worst thing a dentist has ever said to you. I think some of the comments we receive through this survey will be horrifying and some will be enlightening. Above all, I think your fellow assistants will enjoy reading some of the best and worst moments you have endured on the job. Don't worry ... This is completely anonymous, so feel free to give us the true scoop on the comments that have made an impression on you. Think of this as your own electronic version of Las Vegas ... What is said here stays here. Click here to take the survey.

I will publish the responses to the survey in the September issue of DAD, so be looking for them. Thanks in advance for your help, and here's hoping the last few days of summer are great for you and your family.

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