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An early look at the 2011 Dental Assisting Digest salary survey

Nov. 17, 2011
By Kevin Henry
Editor, Dental Assisting Digest
What have you told us so far about your salaries and the current and future states of your profession? Plenty.As of this writing, 161 of you have given us your thoughts on your salary and other topics. Thanks to those of you who have contributed your opinions so far. For those of you who haven't, please take three minutes of your time and click here to take this year's survey. Thanks in advance for your help.Below is a quick look at some of the findings thus far, brought to you by Sultan Healthcare...Click here to try a free sample of Sultan Healthcare's MoistSURE
The breakdown of the charts above are as follows...When did you last receive a raise?Within the last year -- 43.9%More than a year ago -- 56.1%Do you think you receive raises from your employer(s) ar fair intervals?Yes -- 39.9%No -- 60.1%
Would you recommend dental assisting as a profession?
Yes -- 71.9%No -- 15.0%Unsure -- 13.1%

Three years from now, do you think you will still be working as a dental assistant?
Yes -- 69.2%No -- 14.5%Unsure -- 16.4%If you haven't already, please click here to participate in this year's salary survey.