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Ask the Expert: X-ray questions and answers from Carestream Dental -- December 2011

Dec. 16, 2011
Christopher Warren, imaging consultant from Carestream Dental, gives you tips to make better X-rays. Participate in Diagnose the X-ray for a chance to win a $25 gift card.
Ask the Expert

Christopher A. Warren
Technical Support EngineerImaging ConsultantCarestream DentalExclusive manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems
Last month we asked you to Diagnose the X-ray below and send in your answers on what you think the operator may have done incorrectly. Today we provide you with the image's diagnosis!We would like to congratulate Linda O'Connor for correctly diagnosing the image below and winning a $25 gift card. Linda is graduate of Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and works as a dental hygienist in the office of Dr. Anthony Chulick and Dr. Kay Currey in Sycamore, Ill. Be sure to send in your diagnosis for this month’s Diagnose the X-ray for a chance to win!Let me explain how the problem can occur and how to correct it.
X-ray answer ...
Both images originally exhibited a yellowish-brown image tone, which indicates poor film fixing and is caused by poor chemical quality, exhausted chemistry, or inadequate processing time. The image on the right was re-fixed by the use of Kodak chemistry. As expected, the quality of the Kodak chemistry cleared the “yellowish-brown” image tone, resulting in much clearer and bluer radiograph. I would recommend the following to avoid yellow images:
  • Review process conditions, replenishment and processor procedures.
  • Use only Kodak Chemistry specially formulated for Kodak Dental Film.
Diagnose the X-ray: What caused the unusual image in the X-ray below?
Here is our latest in a series of images for you to help identify the problem. Respond correctly for a chance to win a $25 gift card. What did the operator do wrong to achieve this image? Click here to answer.Be sure to look for the cause of the problem and Chris’s recommendation in our next article!Contact us
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