How some offices "perk up their practices"

March 22, 2010

Keurig is sponsoring the “Perk up Your Practice” contest on Participants are asked to submit an explanation of how their practice currently boosts staff morale and the patient experience, and why they could benefit from a “perk up.”

The grand prize winner will receive a NEW Keurig B155 Commercial Brewing System for their practice, and the One-Day New Patient Experience™ workshop from Levin Group. The workshop will be conducted at the winner’s practice by an experienced Levin Group trainer and will demonstrate how to roll out the red carpet for every new patient.

Ten finalists will also receive a Keurig B155 Commercial Brewing System for their practice, and free registration for the dentist and three guests for a 2010 Levin Group Total Practice Success™ seminar of their choice.

Below are a few of the submissions in the Keurig contest on DIQ:

“Our mantra is: It's all about the patient. We pride ourselves in making sure that we put our patients first. We always make sure from the moment they walk in the door that we say hello, and we seat them as quickly as possible. Their time is just as valuable as ours, and we try to honor that. We have long-term patients, and we appreciate their business, and have built up relationships over the years. We stay involved in their lives and make them feel as though they are the most important person in the room. As a hygienist, maintenance visits are fun and memorable and our way of staying connected. But with putting our emphasis on the patient, many times we put ourselves on the back burner. That’s why my coworkers could use this perk up. Having a little joy to start off their morning would be great for them and everyone in the long run. I think I'm the only one who doesn't like coffee, but I would love for everyone else to enjoy the benefits of a coffeemaker that’s suited to everyone’s own personal taste. And what’s better than no more coffee grounds in a filter to clean up every day?”

“At our practice, we take pride in doing excellent work, while maintaining great attitudes and having a good time. We have several Theme Days throughout the year. These are chosen randomly and are sometimes associated with holidays. We had a Retro Day, where all of our patients got necklaces with peace signs, Rubber Ducky Day, where our patients picked up a rubber ducky to reveal a percentage off of the price of their treatment that day. We have dressed up like pirates and tooth fairies. Our dental team has a blast and it always keeps the morale up and everyone in good spirits! We always have a special gift for our patients associated with our theme. We celebrate each patient’s birthday when it is near his or her appointment with a cupcake, candle, and balloon. And we always sing happy birthday to patients with our party hats on and blowing our party horns! Patients love coming in and guessing what we will be dressed up as next. Coming to the dentist is hard for some people, so this lightens the mood and seems to put them at ease … as would a nice cup of coffee!”

“I work in a small rural dental practice. We are a tight-knit, coffee-loving team of four — me, two assistants, and Dr. Ryan. Together we share over 75 years of dental experience. (The doctor and I are the newbies). Our building, originally a bunkhouse for miners in the 1800s, has historical charm and has served as the town dental office for decades. Dr. Ryan conducts weekly and monthly prize drawings to celebrate success when we meet our goals. Birthdays and holidays are special occasions. Our practice is built on relationships. Patients are greeted by name. We are involved in our community. We attend high school football games and cheer on our patients when they play. We serve an underserved population and we would love to serve them a fresh cup of coffee. Though we work great together, the years of experience can be a barrier to success. Sometimes change is met with resistance. We have physically outgrown our office space, which is frustrating at times. Attending a Levin Group Total Practice Seminar would benefit us, refresh team morale, and inspire us to be our best. Please help us Perk Up Our Practice!”

Participation is simple: Just share in 200 words or less how your practice currently boosts staff morale and the patient experience and why you could benefit from a “perk up.” You can also submit up to two photos with your entry. The entry period is until March 31.

CLICK HERE to participate or to view all of the contest submissions.