Union Dental files for patent for ozonated water disinfector

Aug. 2, 2012
Filing done on behalf of a newly formed Joint Venture between Union Dental and Drinkable Air.

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida--Union Dental Holdings has announced filing of a patent (Patent Pending #13/548,128) for an ozone purified water disinfector to be used in dental operatories.

The filing was done on behalf of a newly formed Joint Venture between Union Dental and Drinkable Air.

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The abstract of the patent filing reads: "The present invention generally relates to a water disinfectant system for use in dental operatory settings. In particular, a dental water disinfector is described, wherein the dental water disinfectant is configured to remove viable bacteria from the water currently used during dental procedures. In preferred embodiments of the present invention, the dental water disinfector is utilized to eliminate viable pathogenic bacteria present in water supplies utilized by dental drills and irrigation devices."

The product was developed by UDHI's Dr. George Green and Drinkable Air. The Joint Venture anticipates that the already field-tested prototype will be converted to the size and form of the working production model by Oct. 1, 2012. CAD drawings and 3-D models are being developed so the molds can be submitted to the suppliers.

The filing for this patent comes amid a multitude of troubling and sometimes tragic cases related to bacteria contaminated water within the dental office.

On April 4, 2012, OSHA For Dentistry published an article written by Kerry Martin entitled "Recent Death from Contaminated Dental Waterlines Demonstrates Life & Death Importance of Monitoring Water Quality" stated: "The dental community is on a high alert after an 82-year-old Italian woman died in February due to complications related to Legionnaires' disease--a life-threatening type of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria--which she acquired while receiving dental care."

Dr. Green, UDHI president and CEO, commented: "The problem of bacteria contaminated water lines in the dental office has been common knowledge for a very long time without a solution. People have tried water from various sources trying to get a better result, but the problem is not just the water but with the dental lines designed to carry it to the patient. This invention sterilizes the water in a minimal time (20-30 seconds) and does not involve boiling or adding chemicals such as chlorine to the water. The process yields the purist water possible with no aftertaste delivered to the patient. The product leaves the dental lines rid of any live bacteria capable of causing disease. It is my intention to approach legislators across America to make this product's use mandated in all dental offices."

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