Patterson EagleSoft unveils Version 12.00

Aug. 9, 2005
Enhanced version of leading practice management and clinical software now available.

Patterson EagleSoft Version 12.00 is now available from Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., extending the functionality and capabilities of the leading dental practice management and clinical software.

Patterson EagleSoft users will find a variety of new and advanced features, including the informed consent module, designed to track patient acknowledgement and acceptance of treatment recommendations. Version 12.00 also features the EagleSoft Today desktop day planner, which allows users to view and create appointments, tasks and post-op calls in one centralized location. The latest version also allows for advanced patient tracking -- users can manage treatment recommendations, record CAESY presentation viewings and generate recall cards for recurring treatments such as periodontal treatment, tooth whitening and more.

In addition, Patterson EagleSoft now features 20 digital integrations, including a new direct integration with Soredex® OpTime. Also, Version 12.00 allows for family group services to be printed on one statement, and patient appointment cards can be printed directly from Patterson EagleSoft.

"The continued feedback from Patterson EagleSoft users offered us a great amount of insight as to what advances and modifications would be most beneficial," Patterson EagleSoft Marketing Specialist Anne Mansfield said. "The variety of customizable options are designed to allow individual practices to integrate software for their office-specific needs. This simply makes managing the dental office's day-to-day activities faster and easier."

According to Mansfield, Patterson EagleSoft Version 12.00 continues to advance the efficiency of a paperless dental practice. "Version 12.00 addresses the challenges of the changing dental office and continues Patterson EagleSoft's commitment to being the leader in integrated technologies."

Patterson EagleSoft 12.00 Enhanced Features
** Informed Consent Module -- This document manager allows you to create patient informed consent records to track patient acknowledgement and acceptance of treatment recommendations. Users also can include narratives, images, and CAESY presentations for detailed patient records.

** EagleSoft Today -- The concise day planner layout merges the Appointments, Tasks and Post-Op Calls functions in one central location. This view has the same color coding and alerts to which Patterson EagleSoft users are accustomed while providing an easier solution to appointment management.

** Multiple Recalls -- To manage recall patients, Patterson EagleSoft now allows users to create recall categories for a variety of patient needs, such as tooth whitening or periodontal treatment. The Multiple Recalls tool can generate a phone list or recall cards to assist in updating patients about recall services and products.

** Appointment Cards -- Printable patient appointment cards are accessible directly from the patient's record or from OnSchedule. Users may choose from three different card designs that can be printed singly or on whole sheets.

** Month at a Glance -- This monthly scheduling guide allows you to quickly view a summary of appointments, scheduled production, your production vs. goal and goal percentage. Patterson EagleSoft users also can select a date range to view totals for a specified time period.

For more information about Patterson EagleSoft Version 12.00, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit the Web site at