RDH magazine cover photography

Feb. 8, 2012
Interested in posing for the RDH cover? Here's the scoop

Thank you for your interest in posing for the cover of RDH magazine.

The first step is to complete a short questionnaire by clicking here. The requested "contact information" will be used only by the photographer and/or editor and will not appear in print. Your answers to the other questions, though, will possibly be included with biographical information appearing in the issue when the cover is printed. So please be as accurate as possible, and carefully consider your answers.

The second step is to give us a general idea of who you are. Please email a photograph of the proposed cover model to [email protected]. The type of photo desired is very flexible and can be any recent, informal photograph of you. If you, however, submit a photo of yourself within a group of family members or friends, for example, please indicate in the email which person in the group is you.

The email will also indicate to us that you have likely completed the survey described in the first step above, so we will confirm receipt and check the details provided.

Posing for the RDH magazine cover is supposed to be a fun event. The professional photographers hired are instructed to be mindful of the dental hygienists' work schedule. The photography session should be completed within a few hours at the most.

An informal environmental portrait is usually desired rather than photography in a work setting, so some travel may be required to a local destination that is mutually agreed upon (by the photographer and cover model) as being photogenic. For example, many cover photographs are taken at parks or nearby gardens.

The RDH magazine editors have worked with many photographers over a period of time, but not all of them. You should request the company of a friend and family member you trust to go with you to a "cover shoot."

In most cases, a makeup artist or hair stylist is not hired. We request that you work on grooming alone or with the assistance of a friend or family member. Based on the setting, photographers generally will provide recommendations on clothing. However, the cover photograph will appear in a professional magazine, and you should keep in mind that your peers may develop an opinion about your professional demeanor, or lack thereof.