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Sept. 1, 2006

DentiMax breaks price barrier for digital X-ray

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DentiMax LLC introduces an unprecedented “buy one, get one free” digital X-ray sensor offer, obliterating the price barrier that has discouraged dentists from purchasing new imaging technology. At only $9,999 for a complete two-sensor kit, dental offices can now adopt digital X-ray capability at a fraction of industry prices.

Together with DentiMax practice-management software, dentists can use digital X-rays to complete their clinical software needs. Advanced features include clinical charting, treatment planning, periodontal charting, PSR exams, prescription writing, and electronic claims, as well as appointment scheduling with recall.

DentiMax software is an outstanding value. Choose the $499 single-computer version, or the $3,346 Network Bundle, which includes one year of support as well as interactive training CDs.

For more information, call (800) 704-8494 or visit

XCPT expert treatment planning

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XCPT is a breakthrough, reality-based method of case analysis and treatment planning that uses patients’ X-rays to create a dynamic personalized visual aid and educational tool. Graphic images of crowns, implants, cosmetic work, notes, and more are easily placed right on the X-ray or digital photo. With XCPT, your practice can become digital without the expense. XCPT applies digitization technology to the existing image, converting it to a file the software can use without compromising quality. The treatment plan is right in front of the patient, so doctor and patient co-discover the best solution to dental challenges. This method allows for unprecedented clarity in communication, an immediate connection with the patient, trust in the doctor’s recommendations and, ultimately, case acceptance. It’s the difference between simply telling and precisely showing.

To learn more and for a no-risk, 90-day free trial, go to

ADSTRA Imaging™ introduces automatic capture enhancements

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ADSTRA Imaging Dental Image Management software now allows image post-processing and capture enhancement options. The module provides user-defined filters that are automatically applied when the X-ray images are captured. Thirteen standard filters can be mixed to create enhancement scripts that are saved for each device. Once defined, the automatic enhancement can be turned on or off as needed.

The capture enhancement options are device-specific for 25 devices, including phosphor plate scanners, intraoral X-ray sensors, and panoramic and cephalometric devices manufactured by Air Techniques, Dent-X, Gendex, Instrumentarium, KaVo, Orex, Owandy, Planmeca, Progeny, Schick Technologies, Sirona, Soredex, and Suni. The module also has a setting for TWAIN devices.

For more information call (800) 450-0220, or visit

Patterson Dental Supply releases EagleSoft Version 13.00

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In response to feedback from current Patterson EagleSoft users, Version 13.00 provides specialized time-saving tools to assist practitioners with each patient visit, from check-in to walkout. For example, the new Fast CheckIn allows patients to enter registration information directly into the system unassisted. IntelliCare allows users to set automated alerts pertaining to patient care, such as patient records that require updating.

Integrated Credit Card Processing accelerates the billing process by obtaining electronic authorizations directly from workstations. Quick Reports can create customized groupings of commonly used reports. With Live Video Exam in Advanced Imaging, practitioners can record live streaming video and save within the patient record. In addition, charts, X-rays and other patient records can be submitted and tracked securely using the Electronic Attachments feature.

For more details, call (800) 294-8504 or contact a Patterson Technology rep.

New enhanced CAESY DVD 2007

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Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., announces the release of CAESY DVD 2007, the latest version in the patient education DVD series by CAESY Education Systems. CAESY DVD 2007 features newly designed and reorganized menus, more extensive links, and presentations with more contemporary-looking graphics, new video footage, narration, and content.

CAESY DVD 2007 offers more than 20 new and 46 updated presentations that reflect the latest findings in dentistry, using language that patients can easily comprehend. New 3-D animations have replaced the 2-D visuals in previous versions, including enhanced motion and lighting effects to depict clear images and realistic action.

For more information, visit or call (800) 444-6035.

HCL’s washable keyboard

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Even if your computer doesn’t have a virus, it’s possible your keyboard is contaminated with bacteria. Avoid potential nosocomial infections and promote patient safety procedures with the new Washable Computer Keyboard (HCL Item No. 17289) from Health Care Logistics. HCL offers an easy, economical solution for cleaning this bacterial breeding ground. Immerse the entire keyboard, run it under a faucet, or spray the keys with an antibacterial solution for instant disinfecting results. SpillSeal® technology makes this reliable method of infection control possible.

For more details, call (800) 848-1633 or visit

Online study club hosted by Sikka Software

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Sikka Software Corporation announces online access to its study club, with articles from noted dentists and speakers, online chat ability with Sikka Software technical support, and ability to view the features in the latest versions of the program releases. The focus of the SikkaSoft Study Club and Marketplace Beta version (SSCM) is to address the business optimization opportunity in a dental practice. This service is available free to all dentists. Online updates are relevant to existing SikkaSoft customers. Included is also the moderated SikkaSoft Message Board that allows dentists to ask questions and discuss how to make the best use of the Dental Practice OptimizerT and Fee Optimizer/Fee Schedule Optimizer® products.

For more information, call Rosemary at (866) 856-7119 or visit