Companies enter into representation agreement

Aug. 13, 2007
XCPT will market Lifecore Biomedical products worldwide.

VENICE, Florida--XCPT, LLC, has entered into a representation agreement with Lifecore Biomedical, Inc. to market its products to dentists throughout the world.

XCPT's software is a highly graphic, face-to-face, patient consultation and engagement method recognizing the importance of visual learning during
treatment planning. With XCPT, the patient is involved in every step of the
dental treatment process as the clinician uses the patient's own X-rays, CT
scans and/or photographs to communicate treatment options and solutions.

"XCPT's software helps patients decide what is best for them in a
trusting, open environment," said Dr. Steven J. Feldman, CEO of XCPT. "With its
use, we're seeing doctors gain productivity and increased case acceptance
by simply showing the patient what they see."

The signing of the agreement reinforces XCPT's ongoing strategy to be the patient engagement and communication software of choice for the leading
implant manufacturers, dental schools and dental practices throughout the

The agreement with Lifecore marks the third dental implant company
and seventh company overall which has begun to incorporate XCPT as a
practice-building tool throughout their salesforce.

"We're honored and pleased to have forged this agreement with Lifecore," said Dr. Feldman. "From the time of our first meeting with Lifecore, we were excited about the prospects of becoming integrated into their sales and education curriculum. We see the natural fit between our software's communication capabilities and Lifecore's ability to market implants worldwide."

Speaking on behalf of Lifecore Dental, a Division of Lifecore Biomedical, John DeAngelo, Marketing Portfolio Manager, said, "There are four steps to pre-surgical treatment planning:

1. patient expectations
2. prosthetic options
3. biomechanical principles and
4. the team approach which involves the surgeon, restoring dentist and the laboratory.

XCPT provides the clinician and their patients a predictable environment for planning all aspects of the implant reconstruction. It allows the doctor to make the important decisions on treatment planning and allows for clear communication between the treatment team and the patient.

Finally, it provides patient confidence knowing that a team worked together for an optimal outcome."

To reach a Lifecore sales representative in your area, call
(800) 752-2663.

For more information or to download the free full version, 30-day
trial, call XCPT at (866) 927-9278 or visit XCPT