Kodak extends relationship with NEA

Dec. 1, 2005
Agreement will allow dental professionals to transmit electronic attachments to insurance claims efficiently and securely over the Internet.

Dental professionals can transmit electronic attachments to insurance claims efficiently and securely over the Internet as a result of a new bridge between KODAK Practice Management Software and the NEA FASTATTACH Service.

Kodak is offering this integration through an exclusive agreement with National Electronic Attachment, Inc. (NEA).

Using the FASTATTACH service, dental professionals can transmit digital radiographs, charts, digital photographs, explanation of benefits (EOBs) and text documents to an NEA server repository where payors can view the documents to facilitate claims adjudication. Key benefits of the new service include:

*Efficiency. Sending claims and attachments electronically can be less time-consuming than assembling and mailing paper documents.

*Faster claims processing. While paper claims can take 30-45 days or more to process, electronic claims with electronic attachments may be settled in as few as 1-2 weeks.

*Faster predetermination of patient eligibility. When eligibility inquiries are submitted electronically with electronic attachments, insurers can respond more quickly.

*Reduced risk of document loss. The FASTATTACH service has built-in transmission verification algorithms to protect documents—and unlike paper, duplicates of electronic documents can be generated quickly if needed.

*HIPAA compliance. The new service is also designed to protect patient privacy, helping dental practices stay in compliance with privacy regulations.
FASTATTACH documents are accepted by all major dental insurance payors.
"Today's dental professional seeks to fully leverage digital technology in their practices," said Scott Leeper, vice president, e-services, Kodak's dental systems group. "Doing so not only makes practice workflow more efficient, but also frees dental professionals to focus their attention on patient care. To that end, Kodak is pleased to offer electronic attachment capability to complement our suite of e-services."

The extended integration with the FASTATTACH service will be available in versions of KODAK SOFTDENT, PRACTICEWORKS and WINOMS CS Practice Management Software in 2006.

For more information on the new FASTATTACH service from NEA, call 1-800-944-6365, visit Kodak's Health Imaging Dental Systems Group website at www.kodak.com/dental or contact your regional KODAK products representative.