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Sikka Software launches Practice Optimizer Prime

April 15, 2013
Optimizer has "white glove service."

MILPITAS, California--Sikka Software has launched the next generation of Practice Optimizer, Practice Optimizer Prime (PO Prime) with a "white glove service."
PO Prime is an upgraded and simplified version of Practice Optimizer that includes a concierge service with a personal Business Intelligence Software Advisor. The upgraded software and service adapts to the individual practices key performance indicators and reporting needs. PO Prime will continue to be driven by the Sikka Platform Utility, the data collecting and processing platform used for Sikka Apps and Sikka ecosystem partner Apps. PO Prime will provide four Practice Optimizer daily reports: 1. Morning meeting report 2. Hygienist morning meeting report 3. Daily board 4. End of day reportPO Prime new key featuresinclude: • A simplified and intuitive interface with a easy-to-use menu to access reports • A personal Business Intelligence Software to recommended reports and customized reports to optimize and grow a practice • Rapid Reportsfor reports on the fly (daily reports) • Sikka verified reports that focus and target KPIs and reporting accuracy Note: Rapid reports are not reviewed by Business Intelligence Software Advisor. Sikka Certified Report are assessed by Business Intelligence Software Advisor. PO Prime is not intended to replace a consultant’s advice. A network of more than 50 consultants is available to help customers. For more information, visit To comment on this product, go to