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May 11, 2011
Service works on the free Sikka Practice Monitor and Facebook-compatible social network.

MILPITAS, California--Sikka Software’s free Practice Monitor is compatible with more than 95% of the U.S. dental Marketplace, as well as 80% of Canadian and 60% of UK and Australian dental practice-management systems.

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With this capability any dental office with a compatible practice-management system can download the free Practice Monitor and link to the Report Marketplace. Consultants, dentists, or office managers can log in to the Report Marketplace and get a report built.

Once Sikka Software builds the report, it is made available in the marketplace, and the originating customer gets paid each time any of their friends download and use the report. With one click, you can friends about this capability on Facebook or Twitter. Just click on and install the Practice Monitor to get started.

“With this service and our industry standard platform that interfaces with most practice management systems, we are realizing a capability that we can provide any report to any customer at any time,” said Vijay Sikka, CEO and president of Sikka Software Corporation.

"Better than anything, the customer doesn’t even have to purchase Sikka products, just download our free monitor and get the reports their friends use in their practices. We are putting money into the pockets of our dentists, office managesr, and consultant customers by them becoming publishers if their friends or clients like the reports they created and purchase them.”

Added Sikka: "We have found, over the last several years, that our dentist customers and office team members have contributed great reports. Now you can submit any report idea that is your favorite, and we will build it for you. Better yet, you can tell your friends about it and if they use your designed report in their practice, you get paid!

"This is similar to Apple or Android marketplaces. So you become a publisher! If you like a friend’s report, you can download it for your own practice and use it! All this is easy to use. You buy a report with a credit card, and when your friends buy a report you built, we deposit the money to your bank account (minus a little commission). Check us out at the CDA in Anaheim May 12-14 (2011) at Booth #1538."

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