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i-CAT rolls out release of treatment planning software

May 20, 2014
Tx STUDIO 5.3 features new tools for more complete implant and restorative planning and treatment.
HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--i-CAT has announced the new and enhanced Tx STUDIO 5.3 treatment planning software.
The software is integrated and exclusive to the family of i-CAT cone beam 3-D imaging products. Tx STUDIO delivers treatment tools for dentists and specialists working with implants, airway, TMD, orthodontics, and surgical procedures, and offers new tools to plan an implant treatment--from surgical placement of the implant and abutment to final restoration. Implant cases can be planned accurately from the beginning. With their desired functional results planned in the Tx STUDIO software first, clinicians can plan implant placement and abutment. Restoration planning has been simple, fast, and precise with Tx STUDIO. The new launch brings more robust tools to the process. The software allows clinicians to combine their 3-D images with intraoral scans for a more complete representation of the anatomy, hard and soft tissues, to increase predictability and accuracy of implant placement and restoration design. i-CAT provides the flexibility to work with the practice’s existing technology and workflow. Clinicians can choose to import STL files from either digital models or their intraoral scanner and easily register them with their i-CAT 3D scan in Tx STUDIO software. For working with the lab on custom abutments and crowns, the Tx STUDIO software facilitates easy sharing of STL files and 3-D treatment plans. Improved communications can be obtained with labs by exporting STL files from Tx STUDIO so labs can create a final restoration based on the dentist's design. Additionally, Tx STUDIO 5.3 features convenient ordering of surgical guides from Anatomage directly through the Tx STUDIO software. i-CAT scans are universally compatible with leading surgical guide providers to expand implant planning capabilities. Other helpful tools available with Tx STUDIO 5.3 are: • The new Explorer tool that gives a view of the 3-D volume with cross-sectional images of a particular point for more detailed visualization of root fractures, sinuses, and pathology • Faster implant selection and placement when compared with previous versions • New implant treatment reporting tool that conveniently auto-summarizes implants used in the treatment plan • Improved DICOM tools for a more seamless integration with third party software • New video simulation tool to better engage patients in the treatment plan Tx STUDIO treatment software is included with new i-CAT cone beam 3-D scanners, giving general dentists and specialists the tools to place and restore implants, perform oral surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and TMJ and airway analysis with confidence and lower radiation. “We listen to our customer’s needs and respond with innovations to our products and software,” said Kalpana Singh, director of product management for i-CAT. “The launch of Tx STUDIO 5.3 shows that we deliver those tools that are needed for more efficient and effective planning and treatment tools. To learn more, visit www.i-cat.com. To comment on this product, go to http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com.