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X-Pod feature update

April 23, 2010
Update pack comes eight months after MyRay launches digital X-ray sensor system.
Eight months after launching a digital X-ray sensor system, MyRay has released an upgrade pack with an array of additional features. Among the new features for MyRay's X-Pod are:* Measurement tool for precise on-screen measurements* High-speed Bluetooth image transfer thanks to ability to choose image format* Increased processing speed when acquiring multiple images* Lock and unlock of existing radiograph series* SD card integrity check for long-term data protection* Direct print on photo printers with SD card slot and embedded screenX-Pods are compatible with the new upgrade pack. MyRay has an unlimited free upgrade policy, entitling product owners to free lifetime firmware and software updates. X-Pod users may visit for download instructions.MyRay’s X-pod is a digital X-ray solution that gives freedom from cords and computers. It is a digital palm system. X-Pod’s sensor with rounded edges captures X-rays and displays them on a handheld touchscreen. Multi-step zoom and image enhancement options ensure immediate diagnostic quality X-rays. Images are stored on an SD memory card and transferred to computers via Bluetooth or USB. MyRay products can be seen at major trade shows ,including the 2010 CDA show in Anaheim, Calif.For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit read more about MyRay, go to comment on this product, go to