Agreement to aid distribution of digital radiography products

July 13, 2005
With alliance, DEXIS and Henry Schein will work together to market, sell and service DEXIS products and services.

DEXIS(R) and Henry Schein, Inc. have jointly announced a new agreement for the distribution of the DEXIS suite of products and services. Through this alliance, Henry Schein will work with DEXIS to market, sell and service all DEXIS products and services, including the DEXIS PerfectSize(TM) Sensor, PC Card, digital camera and imaging software. DEXIS is an industry leader in digital radiography.

"Following the rapid expansion of our suite of dental equipment products and services during this past year, we recognize that distribution plays a critical role in helping to accelerate our growth and in leveraging our various brands and product offerings," said Michael Donohoe, President, DEXIS.

"Henry Schein's extensive reach into the dental professional community and leading position within the practice management software market with products such as DENTRIX(R) and Easy Dental(R), coupled with an appreciation of our technology and a proven ability to communicate these important benefits to customers, makes them an ideal partner for building the DEXIS brand."

"We are dedicated to offering our dental customers the best possible products and services to enhance their practices, and the DEXIS digital radiography line certainly fits that description," said James P. Breslawski, President and Chief Operating Officer of Henry Schein.

"The DEXIS sensor delivers excellent image quality, is easy to use, and provides a great degree of patient comfort, so it is understandable why it is among the industry's leading solutions. This new agreement further enhances the value that we can offer to our more than 100,000 dental customers throughout the United States and Canada."