ViperSoft 4.0 now available

Feb. 7, 2005
The updated software features instant storage, image manipulation, and transmission of dental images.

ViperSoft, advanced dental imaging technology from Henry Schein, Inc., recently unveiled the latest upgrade, version 4.0, a full-featured imaging system. The updated software features instant storage, image manipulation, and transmission of dental images. With a SQL database, DICOM compliance and advanced digital x-ray capabilities, ViperSoft offers the dental practitioner a digital solution for cosmetic imaging, digital x-ray and intraoral camera capabilities.

"We are committed to offering our customers the very latest in digital technology products, "said Brian Peterson, high-tech sales manager for ViperSoft. "ViperSoft 4.0 provides new functionality that will enhance both the clinical and business side of every practice."

New Features and Enhancements in ViperSoft 4.0
ViperSoft 4.0 introduces a host of new and enhanced features including:
** Enhanced x-ray capabilities -- new filters give dental practitioners an expanded tool set allowing them to optimize digital x-ray images. After an image is acquired into the software, the image can be optimized, enhanced, colorized, measured or inverted for improved patient diagnosis.
** DICOM compliant -- the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard is a set of protocols created that allow practitioners to communicate with each other regardless of their software or products. ViperSoft 4.0 DICOM compliance allows imaging information to be easily shared between dentists and specialists for improved patient diagnosis.
** SQL database -- provides a solid foundation for the ViperSoft 4.0 software application. Imaging information can now be processed in a more efficient manner for increased productivity.

ViperSoft works seamlessly with many practice management systems and has received top awards from Reality Choice magazine for the past eight consecutive years. Reality Choice magazine, an independent product evaluation organization has given five-star awards to ViperSoft in the past for its ease of use, integration, compatibility, and exceptional image quality. ViperSoft has also been noted by Reality Choice for its superior support, training and development teams.

"Our goal has always been to provide the best possible imaging system, and Reality is telling us that we are succeeding. We anticipate that this new release of ViperSoft 4.0 will continue to receive Reality Magazine's highest ratings," Peterson said.

For more information about ViperSoft's imaging software and products, call (877) VIPER GO or visit