Companies ink partnership agreement

July 11, 2007
Heartland Dental Care joins forces with Sikka Software Corporation.

EFFINGHAM, Illinois--Heartland Dental Care, Inc. and Sikka Software Corporation have announced a partnership that will allow both companies to collaborate in product development and distribution of Sikka Software's business intelligence and optimization software products line.

The partnership agreement calls for Sikka Software Corporation, a market leader in the Dental industry for business intelligence to collaborate with Heartland Dental Care, one of the largest Dental care providers in the United States to distribute Sikka Software products. The partnership allows for both companies to jointly develop a product that will address a key area in the dental practice.

The details of the product development remain confidential, but both companies agree that the new product will give dentists a powerful tool in analyzing and benchmarking their practices. This product module will be available as an optional add-on to the existing Dental Practice Optimizer before the end of the year.

This agreement also includes the deployment of DPOD, "Dental Practice Optimizer Dashboard" of Sikka Software in all Heartland Dental Care practices.

"This product will allow any dentist to get a snapshot of how well his/her practice is doing and allow them to incorporate real-time benchmarking and business intelligence capabilities," said Sikka Software Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vijay Sikka.

Dr. Rick Workman, Heartland Dental Care chief executive officer and founder, said, "We are excited to partner with Sikka Software and help them further develop this new product. For the last 15 years, we have studied over 100 metrics and formulas that have been collaboratively defined as benchmarks based on current clinical standards of care and business expertise. It is our belief that providing dentists with benchmarking data will result in a more consistent and more standardized quality approach to the care delivered to our patients. "

"Heartland Dental Care is a great company which we are proud to call our partner. Working with Heartland we will be able to incorporate their benchmarking systems and clinical/ business expertise with our benchmark intelligence capabilities to enhance our product suite," said Sikka Software CEO Vijay Sikka.

"Over the last 4 years we have done more than 2500 product installations and we are emerging as the premier business optimization and intelligence company in the dental market," Sikka added.

More information can be found at Heartland Dental Care.