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Dear Boss: Your spoiled daughter is destroying the practice

May 14, 2021
The office manager in this month's installment of Dear Boss is dealing with an obvious case of nepotism. It can be tough to confront issues in the office, but even more so when the issue is the boss's daughter.

Dear Boss,

I have been in dentistry since 2016 and have worked as your office manager for over two years now. I believe I have both the knowledge and experience to address the issues in this office, most of which stem from your financial coordinator (aka, your daughter). I understand it can be tricky mixing business with family matters, but turning a blind eye to every financial error made is foolish and unrealistic. She constantly makes write-off errors, which results in us billing the patient in error. We are constantly getting phone calls from distressed patients that we must address, because she is always “too busy” to address the problem herself.

When I confront her, she is passive aggressive and rude, making it difficult to even address office issues. She doesn’t take any accountability for her mistakes and often catwalks through the office with an attitude. She is unwilling to cover for the team when needed because “it’s not [her] job” which has led to an overall morale decline. I am at my wits’ end as I have brought the many pressing issues to you multiple times and your response was, “Isn’t it your job to figure out how to deal with this?” I cannot help but wonder, if this was a regular Joe Schmoe employee, would they remain in the practice if they made the same number of mistakes or walked around with the same careless attitude?

It’s never easy confronting and addressing issues with staff, and I can imagine it’s even harder when it’s your own child, but isn’t it your job as a parent to encourage personal growth? Something needs to be done ASAP, as many of the staff are on job hunts and completely over it, including me. Stop turning a blind eye to the issues and confront them already!


Someone discipline this spoiled child! 

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