Clever and fun Colgate dental floss ad campaign: Did you miss it?

Colgate used Photoshop to make a point about flossing

Clever Colgate Campaign

This advertising campaign for Colgate dental floss came out a few months ago, and it was released in Brazil, so you may have missed it. But of course it has found its way onto the Internet, and has probably been viewed by thousands of dental pros in the U.S. by now. But some of you may have missed it or forgotten about it, so here's a refresher.

It's a campaign that uses Photoshop to prove a point -- the importance of dental floss. I thought it was clever and thought you might too. Here's one of the photos.

Clever Colgate Campaign

The game is to find what's wrong with the photos, but readers are so drawn to the debris in the teeth of the man that they don't spot the Photoshop disasters in a short time.

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I googled "Colgate campaign food in teeth," and learned that many different sites have featured the campaign, from and pinterest, to and yougottobekldding.

Here's an article and photos from I guess I'm in the majority because I didn't spot the big mistakes in the photos. Pretty clever campaign. Enjoy!

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