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Feb. 7, 2012
Pennsylvania dental office 'celebrates' Sealant Saturday
From left to right: Renee D’Amico (assistant); William Hammerlee, DMD, FAGD; Stacie Zaccaria, RDH, PHDHP, 3rd District PA Representative John Hornaman, Linda Straub-Bruce, RDH, BSEd, PHDHP, Adam Hammerlee (4th year dental student at Univ. of Pittsburgh), and Beth Peterson, RDH, PHDHP.Linda Straub-Bruce contacted us recently about the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists' Association efforts to host the 9th Annual Sealant Saturday events across the state during February. She contacted RDH eVillage recently, reporting, "We held our Sealant Saturday this past Saturday, February 4th and we had three RDH/PHDHPs, one assistant, one DMD, and a fourth year dental student from Pitt working our event, one of the few private practices participating this year. Our RDH/PHDHPs provided nearly $7,000.00 in preventive services for area children! We were just one of the 22 sites doing Sealant Saturday this year. I am so excited, and we’re hoping to inspire other private practices to get involved for the future, so it’s not just a clinic/hygiene program event. "We were fortunate to have State Representative John Hornaman of the 3rd District attend our event and he handed out the participation certificates We’re excited here in Pennsylanvia about outreach events!"Straub-Bruce has contacted previously about other outreach events. To view those articles, click here and here.The website for Hammerlee Dental Care can be viewed here.