Norman Gelfand and Pamela Gelfand

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Norman Gelfand has 30 years of experience as a commercial real estate broker. Pamela Gelfand joined the firm in 2001. Together, they’ve represented more than 600 tenants in lease negotiation. Both have exclusively represented dental tenants and buyers for 17 years. They help dentists in securing ideal locations, negotiating money-saving, market-savvy economics, and tenant-protective lease negotiation. Their firm’s unique lease negotiation begins with the identification of hidden business risks within the lease that are outside of the legal framework that are typically not addressed by most brokers and many attorneys. They negotiate tenant-protective leases by shifting these hidden business risks away from the dental tenant to safeguard the tenant’s capital investment—a key element in profitability and practice value. Learn more at Contact Norman at (512) 833-5300 or, and contact Pamela at (512) 468-1938 or

Bio updated June 12, 2018