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Get ready for National Brush Day!

Oct. 16, 2023
Join dental practices across the country in marking National Brush Day on November 1 (right after Halloween!). Download free materials including social media graphics for promoting the day for families.

Join dental practices around the country in marking National Brush Day on November 1!

According to the ADA, National Brush Day was designed in 2012 to reach parents on the day after Halloween to reinforce the importance of children’s oral health and promote good toothbrushing habits.

The day's purpose is to help parents and caregivers understand why poor dental health can have serious consequences and about simple ways in which they can help improve their children’s oral health and prevent dental disease, such as brushing for two minutes twice a day.

This year, the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation is offering free materials to download and use to promote the day, including the National Brush Day logo, social media posts and graphics, National Brush Day posters, and email copy and graphics. The DTA Foundation is encouraging people to “Share Your Favorite Toothbrushing Song” and to tag #NBDToothTunes.

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