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The journey of the 'Plaque Attack' flying machine to Flugtag

June 13, 2016
Dr. Chris Salierno asks readers to imagine the absurd. Four brave dental students will represent the profession at this year's Flugtag (German for "flying day"). They will launch an enormous set of windup teeth. Follow their story in DE's Expert Tips & Tricks.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics
Flugtag dental student participants from left: Mike Wiernicki, Max Sands, Keith Sonchaiwanich, and John Aylmer

I want you to take a moment and imagine something absurd. On August 27, a small team of dental students will push a giant set of windup teeth off of a 30-foot ledge in the hopes that it somehow takes flight. Spoiler alert—it won’t. It will plunge, along with its pilots, into the Ohio River as it courses through Louisville, Kentucky.

The event is the Flugtag (German for “flying day”) and it’s become an annual attraction for those who wish to defy gravity in completely ridiculous, homemade aircraft. This year, an intrepid group of students from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine will rise to represent our profession in this noble event.

Their aircraft, expertly designed on the back of a bar napkin (see photo), will help the world see that dentists have a good sense of humor. But these students need our help. Corporate sponsorships will help them purchase the necessary materials to see their creation come to life.

Good news! Dr. David Rice of has already claimed the first sponsorship. I applaud David for his vision. Now four slots remain for a bold and brilliant dental company to step forward and support these fine young students. Will it be you?

I would like to use DE’s Expert Tips and Tricks to document the journey of Flugtag team “Plaque Attack.” In the coming months, we’ll share articles showing the construction of their aircraft with generous shout-outs to the companies who will sponsor them. And finally, we’ll share the video of their team in their moment of glory as they fall, triumphantly, into the water.

If you know of a dental company who would like to support this amazing endeavor, please contact NOVA dental student John Aylmer at [email protected].



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