Top 8 reasons you need to go digital with your case presentation

April 19, 2011
Misty Absher Clark, from Jameson Management, says there are eight reasons why going digital with your case presentations will make them more successful.

By Misty Absher Clark

Editor’s note: Reprinted with permission from Jameson Management

Here are the top 8 reasons you need to go digital with your case presentation:

1. Increase in patient trust. Seeing the photographs and detailed information in language the patient can understand gives the patient reason to trust you.

2. Build a greater rapport with the patient. The patient will feel more connected to you because it will be evident you listened to his needs.

3. Eliminate buyer’s remorse. Patients will show the presentation to other influencers who will support the decision made.

4. Increase in new patient flow. Because patients are sharing the presentation with friends and families, more people will become aware of you and ask for your name.

5. Show the patient what she could look like with cosmetic dentistry. This helps the patient to visualize how her overall appearance will improve.

6. Increase in case acceptance. Patients become enthusiastic when shown photos and information that they can grasp. The result from the increased trust and rapport results in increased case acceptance.

7. Motivate the team. Teams like to be challenged and add to their skill set. This is an opportunity to spread their wings beyond their everyday duties. The result is an energized team, which results in energized case presentation.

8. Help patient to "sell" the dentistry to the spouse when the spouse cannot be present at the consultation. It is always ideal to have the spouse present at the presentation of findings. However, this is not always possible. The digital case presentation recreates the consultation as best as possible, making it easier for the spouse to understand the treatment plan.

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Misty Absher Clark, vice president of creative services at Jameson Management, may be reached at or (877) 369.5558.