Enter your practice in the 2011 Dental Office Design Competition

April 19, 2011
The Dental Office Design Competition is open to offices built, expanded, or renovated within the last three years. Winners will be selected by a panel of dental industry experts and featured in Dental Economics.

The Dental Office Design Competition (DODC) has never been better! Each year, we look forward to sharing in the growing enthusiasm doctors have as they share their successes.

The design competition began in 1999 and has evolved into an excellent means of showcasing well-designed offices as an inspiration and learning tool for other dentists who are contemplating building or remodeling their own practice. This nationally recognized competition gives you an opportunity to receive recognition from your peers for the excellent work you have accomplished.

In 2010, we added an additional category to recognize practices that have demonstrated exceptional attention to protecting the environment. It has been exciting to see the changes doctors are making in their practices to help protect the planet.

As a competition entrant, know that all of the hard work you put into documenting your design process is very thoroughly reviewed by the judging panel and given meticulous consideration. The DODC judges take your work very seriously, and find it a genuine pleasure to participate in honoring your hard work in planning and executing your practice vision.

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