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It is time for the 2012 DE/Levin Group Annual Practice Survey

May 1, 2012
How has the economy affected your practice? Tell us by taking our annual practice survey!This is your chance to be a part of our profession’s yearly check-up and win one of ten $100 American Express gift cards!Find out . . .• How has production been affected by the economy?• What is the average doctor compensation?• How many new patients are coming through the door?• What is happening to collection rates?• How does your practice compare to other practices?• How stressed are dentists throughout the country? In your region?• What do dentists believe is the most challenging aspect of running a practice?It's easy! Access the survey by clicking here. Survey deadline is June 30, 2012.All DE/Levin Group 2012 Survey respondents can also sign up to receive Levin Group's Tip of the Day, a free educational tip to help you and your staff work smarter, not harder!Look for our survey results and analysis in the November issue of Dental Economics as well as on www.levingroup/ and