Team incentives ... what should you do?

Feb. 22, 2010

By Gary Kadi

The purpose of a team incentive is to consistently provide:

• Daily motivation, both individually and as a team
• Everyone a fair share in the financial growth of the practice
• Accountability to a daily outcome
• Consistency and follow through of systems
• An environment where everyone has fun and wins
• An outcome and solution-based team mindset

Why traditional staff incentives have failed — Enter “Triple Win” team bonus
1. Triple win —
The patient must get the care he or she needs without being pushed or manipulated. The team member must win personally, professionally, and financially. The doctor must win by growing his or her profitability. A bonus should never be paid to the team if the doctor hasn’t accomplished an approximately 90/10 or 80/20 proportion above BBM (bare butt minimum).

2. Collections — Bonuses should be paid only when the BBM collection amount is reached. Then the incentive is calculated on daily production on what each team member produced. This creates a powerful shift from being busy to being outcome based.

3. Not tied to direct results — Most bonuses rely on one or two people to collect, so accountability should be shifted to a daily outcome by position.

4. Bonuses become expected as salary — This is the default consequence when the above three issues are not upgraded.

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