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If you were Aspen and you had just bought ClearChoice, what would you do with it?

Nov. 18, 2020
A lot remains to be seen about the acquisition of ClearChoice by Aspen Dental. What are your thoughts about it? There's a place to share and learn that's just for multipractice owners. Learn more about it here.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Editor, Dental Economics

The news broke this week that Aspen Dental Management will be acquiring ClearChoice Management Services by the end of the year. It’s arguably some of the biggest news in the dental service organization world in 2020. Sun Capital Partners acquired ClearChoice in 2017 when it operated 39 implant centers and grew it to more than 60 over the past three years. ClearChoice is purported to have an annual growth rate of 20%, so it certainly seems like a strong investment for Aspen. But aside from just adding a book of business to their portfolio, what other advantages could this present for Aspen?

If you were Bob Fontana, Aspen CEO, how would you leverage this situation? What new workflows would you want to create? Do you think Aspen practices should refer their implant work to ClearChoice or would you have them operate independently? Would you keep the brands separate or do you see marketing opportunities in cobranding?

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