Darby Dental Supply unveils annual rewards guide

JERICHO, New York--Darby Dental Supply, a all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise and equipment, has announced anew 14th Edition of the Darby Rewards Guide.

Newly reconstructed for easier navigation to brands on the market, the 14th Edition Rewards Guide--available in print and online--is comprehensive and user-friendly.

“Darby Rewards is truly the only customer loyalty program of its kind in dentistry,” remarked Darby President Gary Rosenberg.

"It has evolved as a natural extension of our company’s long-standing philosophy that every customer should be rewarded, on every purchase. Darby Rewards is the embodiment of that daily commitment to our loyal customer base.”

A hallmark of doing business with Darby, the program offers a selection of retail merchandise and gift cards featuring products from retail brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Michael Kors, TAG Heuer, Ferragamo, Tumi, Keurig, and Cuisinart.

The guide’s 64-page format allows for a more meaningful shopping experience for Darby customers, and is now divided into easy-to-find product categories. New to the Darby Rewards merchandise assortment are sought-after products such as Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite.

“We have also significantly expanded upon our Travel and Experience section with exclusive destination Rewards our customers will not find anywhere else,” explained Rosenberg.

“The program now features all-inclusive trips to the Super Bowl, U.S. Open, Kentucky Derby, Daytona 500, and NCAA Finals. No other supplier can offer their customers rewards like this: a Mercedes-Benz lease or purchase program, a seven-day Caribbean cruise, a ride in a real fighter jet, a bare-knuckle NASCAR racing experience, or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands--just for simply ordering the dental supplies their practices need and use every day.”

Darby customers are eligible to earn rewards. There are no membership fees or complicated rules to follow. Available all year-round, the program’s flexibility allows for customers to participate, catering to personal ordering preferences.

The 14th Edition Rewards Guide is available as a classic print-version catalog, as well as a new downloadable digital version in Adobe Acrobat.

For a personal copy, contact a Darby personal account manager or visit www.darbyrewards.com to download.

For more information, visit www.darbydentalsupply.com.

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